Our Carers

Anita Miles DipAMT,Massvap,Airvap
Equine & Canine Musculoskeletal Therapist.
Our Anita  is the specialist that keeps our Donkeys muscles and bones in top condition.The photos below show her working on Maggie who was suffering with a frozen shoulder.IMGP9218IMGP9229IMGP9234











Our Vet is Paul Legerton BVSc (Hons) Cert EP MRCVS from Holnest Park Equine
Paul’s extensive experience, knowledge and care make him our special “trusted Vet”

Some pictures of Paul using his dentistry equipment for their regular check up.

IMGP9573IMGP9569 IMGP9566 IMGP9564IMGP9592 IMGP9588

Another member of our trusted crew is  Lynda Swindells
(Master Saddle Fitting Consultant MSFC & The Society  Master Saddlers) of Wessex Saddles

The pictures show Lynda fitting new saddles, prior having spent around an hour with each donkey measuring using templates. Checking the fit with and without the “pad” (which is always present when the donkey is working). The saddles are checked by the crew every time they are fitted with Lynda checking every 6 months.

IMGP0068 IMGP0071


 Daniel Barrett from Little Bredy is our Farrier.

As can be seen in the picture Daniel has the very important job of caring for our Donkey’s  Hooves