IMGP9023We get asked and welcome questions from those interested in our donkeys, some of these are listed here. if you have a question then please e-mail us and we will do our best to answer;

Q: How many donkeys do you have?
A: Currently we have 21, 12 of these are regulars on the beach the others are the “young ones” (foals) and Jasmine who is retired from the beach but still visits elderly and care homes

Q:What is the term for donkeys?
A: Male donkey’s are called” Jacks” and Females are “Jennet or more usually Jenny’s”

Q: What is their usual gestation time?
A: Typically 12 months but it varies and can be 11 -14 months. Donkeys rarely have twins.

Q: Do they have shoes like horses?
A: Some do, ours don’t as they are mostly on soft surfaces, we do have to take a lot of care over their Hooves with regular trimming every 8 weeks by a registered farrier

Q: Why do you limit your donkeys to carry 7 stones in weight?group eating
A: We work closely with the donkey sanctuary and it is their recommendation for our size of donkey. Our donkey’s health is our primary concern and although it is sometimes difficult to not allow a child a ride it is the donkeys long term fitness that we have to consider.

Q: What do the donkeys eat?
A: Donkeys are vegetarians and enjoy their regular feeds of a special feed straw as seen in the picture. They also like treats on occasions apples and carrots being favourites.

 Please do not offer our donkeys anything to eat without first gaining permission from our team.